Thursday, May 8, 2008

penultimate class

a few quick things. I'm not exactly sure if tonight will be the final class or next week..I'll keep you posted. In the interim, a couple of things.

I just posted this clip because it does a fantastic job at conveying anger barely held in check. Look at when she holds her fist up about to strike. Now THAT'S a moving hold. Look at what the eyes are doing in both the characters. I think that's what makes this so can see the wheels working behind both character's eyes. When you have a character doing 'nothing', or just reacting really get inside their head.

Bring in your work.
As it's time for final grades over the next week or so, bring in the work you've done this term. Keep them small. Except for Joe and one or 2 exceptions, you should have...

walk cycle
run cycle
prop piece
acting piece

I did allow you to continue working on older work throughout the term, so bring in your assignments.

Just a brief aside on grading...I personally don't place a lot of importance on the value of a grade in this class as it pertains to working in the industry. It really doesn't. As it's for your degree though, I endeavor to be fair about it. I weigh in a few things when factoring your grades.
1. quality of the work. in animation, it's all about the reel, so how good your work is matters.
2. attitude/class participation/comments on the blog. for those that didn't hide in the back of the class and let out the occasional grunt, it will factor into your grade. animation is at its best a collaborative activity. developing a vocabulary to discuss the work, as well as learning how to talk about your work without being defensive is invaluable to succeeding in this field. Learning is hard - you have to make mistakes, and often your eye develops faster than your hand as it were, as you learn to develop a more critical eye.
3. improvement/how hard you worked. some of you had some misteps along the way, and worked really hard to shape them up. some did a good first pass but didn't work that hard to take it further. I feel much of what I'm pushing in this class is a focus on process and those of you that worked on a process and didn't jump right into polish shouldn't be penalized.

Ok...let's push to get our pieces into shape - it's often the last stages that shapes the whole thing up.


Brent said...

wait...tonight may be the last class?

Joseph Taylor said...

Do you want us to bring everything we've done so far this semester to tonights class then?

jeff said... week is the last week...but start bringing in your work from the term