Friday, May 16, 2008

spring 08 showreel

I just wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work this term. It was a pleasure to teach you all and I wanted to mention how great it was seeing you shape up your pieces. I threw together a quick showreel, so take a minute and look at your work as a group and pat yourselves on the back for developing a more critical eye and for coming up with a really entertaining bunch of animations.

disclaimer...the synch is off in places and I'll fix it/reupload it as soon as I can. Also...some of these shots didn't make it too much further than a post-blocking pass, but I included them because they showed some good decisionmaking.

And last of all, congrats to Joseph Lee on the Pixar internship - stay in touch and let us know what you're up to. I don't exactly know what happens with those pixar internships..rumor has it they force feed you cupcakes or something, but presumably you'll do some animation as well.

Keep in touch everyone, and keep animating!


Weston said...

Thanks for being such an active teacher Jeff. You really are the best animation instructor I have had at the Academy. It was a pleasure attending your class. Keep teaching!

Have a great summer. I am sure I will be emailing you for a quick critique after I put more work into some of my animations. The fact that you maintain this blog is awesome, keep posting!


Margot Elyse said...

Thanks Jeff! I look forward to seeing this blog through the next semester - and watching the progress of your students as they learn and become animators.

To the rest of the group - Don't loose touch!

Steve Masuda said...

Thank you Jeff! I definitely have fine tuned my critical eye, and I learned a ton this semester. I'll definitely keep in touch.


Edward said...

Wow! That was really nice. Thanks for all constructive critiques in class Jeff. I feel this class helped me overcome a lot of the hurdles I had it the past and bring my work in a higher level of polish.
Thanks again!


Daniel Pendzich said...
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Daniel Pendzich said...

Wow, impressive projects! Keep up the good work!

Saul Ruiz said...

Congrats everyone. This reel is really impressive. The hard work has payed of! Really inspiring work all around.

Asteroid Blues said...

hello jeff
first of all thank you so much for's seems littel late to say it but I really appriciate what i learn from you.
I just started my first interenship. it's a samll company but I have so much to learn form here. I would like to keep on touch with you. thank you again!!

jeff said...

congrats Karen! Where did you end up. small studios can be great because you can really do a lot.

Joe said...

hey jeff,

i apologize for chiming in late. i will definately let you know how it all went! i just had my 1st day there and it was a surreal experience.