Wednesday, June 4, 2008

summer class cancelled

Due to low enrollment, class is cancelled this summer. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this blog - I may migrate over to a new one or just take the summer off and do some personal work once our project wraps...I do have 2 tutorials planned
-quadraped cycles made easy
-my workflow


Joe said...

hey jeff,

i apologize for chiming in late. i will definately let you know how it all went! i just had my 1st day there and it was a surreal experience.

Ratul Sarna said...

Hey jeff!
How r u doing?
Waiting for your future posts!! :)

jeff said...

Ha - I bet it was surreal - can' wait to hear more about it.

ratul..thanks for reading...we're having art lock this week, which in the game industry means every last piece of animation has to be in, so one things calm down, I'll have time for some more posting.

Regis Le Roy said...

i would love to see this blog going, i check it almost every day! looking forward for your workflow