Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sorry I haven't been great at maintaining this blog over the summer - working at a game company, the last few months are always hellish, as we all want to put everything we can into it. Unlike doing film or cutscene animation, gameplay animation is viewed through a very fine lens.

Any pops or irregularities in a cycle are going to seen for about 20-40 hours by the player. 40 hours - that's like 25 animated features, so needless to say we pore over every detail, time permitting, as the asset list is huge. I've spent the last week hand animating hair and cloth on the main character and it made me really realize the importance of polish and taking your animations as far as possible. In doing the hair and cloth, I went back and readjusting weight shifts, and the small things that really make a character come alive.

So for those of you former students working on your reels, go back to your reel work you haven't touched in a while and give it another pass...

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