Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sindhu - new to class, here come the crits

Sindhu (whose name I hope I'm not mispelling) is a late arrival and emailed me 2 cycles.

Now, I'm happy to crit these, but going forwards I want to be clear that I don't want people submitting work they've done in other classes, mostly because you'll learn more by doing it over from scratch after a snazzy lecture and demo.

Ok. Let's start with the walk. We're officially not getting to them for another week, but here it is..a basic walk. Walks are tricky in that your eye quickly gravitates to what isn't working, but it's also hard to pinpoint what's just know it is.

Also, it's easier for me to do a crit if i have the .ma file, or a playblast from multiple angles with a frame counter (use my frameDisplay.mel if you need one)

The overall poses and feel of it is good, but the even feel of it makes it a little robotic. Part can be fixed by posing. It looks like the stride is a little short. You could either tweak the Y of the pelvis to avoid the squat nature of it, or extend the overall stride length a hair by giving him a stronger extension/pre-plant pose. Also, there isn't a lot of rotation to the all moves as a unit, making it feel like it's still in blocking. Offsetting the rotations tapering upwards will help with that. I'm not sure if the elbows and shoulders move at all in this..make sure they are animated. Even subtle changes will help add fluidity while still retaing the basic nature of it. the spine could do that nice wavelike motion a bit more going forwards/back. The head should be gazing at a point in space...not just moving with the body...a good time to use those parent space attributes. Other than that, the overall extension of the feet make it feel soft rather than a plant.

The ball guy has a nice rhythm to it - it's a little more evenly paced than a traditional walk, giving it a happy feel..the Y of the pelvis is more like a run, but it works with this character and i don't know the rig limitations to critique the pelvis, etc.

the arms feel a little underanimated though and the antenna has a pop to it. More crit as I find the time...

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