Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2d programs

Jason Fittipaldi chimed in with a quick question about 2d software.

Ok. First, props to Jason for posting a question...it's the first one this semester and he isn't even at the AAU - but it's a good question. I'm always giving you guys a hard time about sketching out poses and planning your animations. The ultimate way to do this is in 2d. It's time consuming, but even through rough drawings, you can really get to the heart of things.

My favorite program for planning animations is alias/autodesk sketchbook pro. Hands down the best pencil tool out there.

For 2d animating, I use a few -
Pencil - free, which is always good. Pretty stable and finally in a pretty usable state. Did I say free?

Flipbook - Jason Ryan does his demos in these, and he being the badass draughtsman that he is, is a better salesman for it than I. Check out his tutorial - it's pretty inspiring and useful to see how much you can convey with a simple figure. Reasonable price.

plastic animation paper
- a great program, with a free version. the only problem is unless you spend some $$$, you can't hold frames, which limits its usability. Great for bouncing ball practice.

tv paint - a very powerful program with a high level of complexity, but looks pretty nice.

And on that note, a site with cheap tablet pcs.


Jason Fittipaldi said...

Hey Jeff!

Thanks so much for the great response! =D

I need to start using sketchbook pro more...picked up a copy a couple of years back, but forgot about it!

I'll look into some of those flipbook-type programs as well. 3D animation is where my interests lay, but after watching a few of Jason Ryan's webinars (just signed up for that last week) I can really see the benefit in the 2D planning.

Thanks again, and keep up this great blog!

PS - It's Fittipaldi, but I'll get over it. =D

jeff said...

Glad it's of help..and don't give me too hard a time or I'll have to have Elliot make you do pushups or something.

jeff said...

as a follow up, i did an anim in Pencil but found it very difficult to get the png or jpgs it outputs into maya.