Wednesday, October 22, 2008

animation layers for earlier versions of maya

who needs 2009 when you can get that layers in 7 (which i still use)

Go to NEOREEL and download their maya plugin..

the update they suggested i use caused the plugin to fail, but once you enable it, type in

neoreelLibrary -config

into your script editor and enable what you need, and you have layers.



Jean-Denis Haas said...

That's fantastic! I got a problem though:

I get the Script Library Configuration window to open and I see the "Utilities", "Modeling", etc. categories, but above I get HTML text that tells me I don't have the right

I'll email them, but was wondering if you had any idea.

jeff said...

there are some bugs with the plugins..i reinstalled the plug in and did NOT let it auto update (since the auto update hosed it).

I think i just enabled the animation section and script libraries...i don't exactly remember.

I also emailed the guy..really friendly and helpful...he basically said this plug in was more for layering detail..not as a replacement for the trax editor (something I loathe). Only the 2009 version allows you to animate percentages of the blend - currently you can turn the layer visibility on or off.

So far though it's pretty seems like it will either be a huge timesaver or overcomplicate your scene...I'm just getting used to it.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

He emailed me back as well (super fast). It needs to connect to their server for the script info (?) and that's probably why it didn't work (I tried it at work with major firewalls).