Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sam did a good thing in submitting blocking- it's really important to be hypercritical at the stepped mode..it really is the foundation of what's to come.

I did some quick sketchovers from her animation. The important thing to do, especially in a character without legs is to really pay attention to the shape and tilt of the shoulders to convey weight. Really think about where the legs are underneath the body and how you can get the shape/sillhouette to really read. This animation moves from S to C curves repeatedly, and it would be helpful to really push those as much as possible. Also, if you're carrying a heavy suitcase, your arm will extend out and shoulder will go down or up depending on the tilt of the body...you generally support heavy objects by counterbalancing with your body.

Pay attention to the neck and head as well. the tilt really helps convey line of action.

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notimportant said...

This helps a lot! Thank you!