Thursday, October 23, 2008

sindhu sneak cycle

ok..this animation is problematic, but does some things well, and help is on the way.

let's start with the anim..

It's doing some things well..some of the moving holds are pretty good and overall the posing is not bad. But. Always a but. There are major timing and spacing problems. Really, a sneak cycle is like a walk cycle with the torso having more overlap forward and back, while trying to hold a pose. That's the classic 'sneak' a la the Preston Blair book. Right now..there's a lot of quick accelleration to a slow as molasses slowdown on the passing poses..that's the killer at the moment. Also, as the character goes into the passing position the foot pops off the ground with the pelvis. Remember you push off with your foot after the pelvis starts moving....even in a fast paced run..feet are a springboard to moving forwards...

You can see some fundamental weight shift issues by the blue's not terribly off, but enough off to see that the planting of the feet gets a little weightless.

What I think of for an effective sneak above all posing, is the overall rhythm. I did a quick sphere test in place as a (albeit rough and not terribly accurate - but I squeeze these crits in at lunch) example of the sort of rhythm you want.

lift...step...plant...accellerate into the settle...slow settle...repeat.

so watch the rhythm of your cycle. Also, the head/torso tilts right and left a bit...make that more fluid by keeping him aimed forward to minimize the dread 'zombie' effect.

But what do I know. Handily, Jason Ryan has a free tutorial on the sneak.

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