Sunday, November 16, 2008

bee lee, w11

B. Lee. owe me a playblast on your dialogue piece and i'm happy to critique it.

The walk..i'm more curious at how you resolved last week's assignment, but let's look at it.
it's a little unfinished right now, but in the right direction.

areas to address

  • feet. around f17 it doesn't feel like the correct passing pose. f22, the right foot doesn't take off in that muybridge/richard williams standard way. check out reference and my pdfs on cycles for the main foot poses in a walk. basically it isn't lifting back and up enough.
  • head. keep it relatively locked straight ahead right now it hitches at the end of the cycle throwing it off.
  • hips. aren't rotating in either direction. right now they're making the pose feel static and flat.
  • root/pelvis, main node thingy. not much y movement. remember. quick fall, slow rise. it also moves on the x over each step.
  • spine. wavelike motion forwards and back, slight curve inward as it's over each foot.
  • shoulders/top spine. should start further back and rotate a little forwards.
That should point you in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you are recovering. Your feedback is very important to me. I'll try my best to tune the walk cycle.

I'm a little lost. Are you curious about the dialogue scene or the walk cycle?

jeff said...

dialogue scene...i sometimes critique these at work and only have maya 7, so i can't playblast them for you