Friday, November 14, 2008

flurry of crits

Sorry I fell prey to whatever my kids brought home from school last night..I'll make a concerted effort to get you guys crits as soon as possible. I'm going to start with brief crits for all, and will continue to reedit this post in greater detail.

One thing..

please..please..please playblast your work. If maya at school won't work, get a tech to help you..I'd rather spend the time critiquing your work than opening up your files and hunting down references. Also, compress them out in quicktime...I brought home 700mb of files last night, mostly of minimally compressed video.

and onwards..

I like it up to frame 40...though some actions are happening at the same speed (and kill those pops, like rt foot at f55) - now is the time to go back and soften up the hard transitions. you have some arcs traced, which is good, but a more important thing to address at this stage is how the poses flow into each other.
68-76 - as she dives into the cartwheel, there's a lot of jitter..really go back and watch the pelvis, arc of the body through this part. have her accellerate into it.

80-86 - watch how the character falls into the landing pose. right now it pops right in..have 2 frames to extend the feet and then settle a bit..even if quick, it still needs some padding.
96-108 overall the idea is good, but throw away your reference and really look at your animation. Frames 94-98 are barely moving, then abruptly pops ino the new pose. careful of that! This should be a smooth motion.

f120..she lands, jumps forwards, then is pulled back by an invisible string. watch the weight on this! it's in the right direction though but that final bit of animation needs to be thought out a little more clearly.

so, end result. focus on posing, spacing, timing issues, go through 10 frame sections at a time to address the fluidity. your character is making some large pose shifts over single frames..address that and you'll be a lot closer!

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