Sunday, November 16, 2008

jae won rho, week 11

looking better. since there's a lot to this, i'll go the bullet point route to address each section

  • remember that rule (guideline) in animation. let one thing happen at a time. the motions become indistinct in the beginning (f1-30) because both characters are moving at similar rates at the same time. i'm still not fully buying the attacking guy (let's call him A) bouncing around before his leap. And defending guy (B) is a little quick. if he's looking around and notices A, i think his moves should be more deliberate, maybe even start with a slow weight shift onto his right leg, positioning him to be attacked more effectively. i think A just needs to creep in his pose a little bit, not bounce around like a boxer..he's too squat for that much motion
  • 32-43. A is still pretty poppy here. i don't think B needs to lean into the knee kick..he could even stand more upright instead of leaning in and still convey a good reaction. the kick is problematic in that there are timing/spacing issues still..make sure you slow down the shift onto the other leg before jumping and then accellerate into the kick. right now he's just hitting poses but i think he could be arriving at them more fluidly.
  • 43-59 this is a LOT more clear. slow down the big guy's recovery a bit to differentiate him, and to let him be caught off guard a bit more by the stranglehold
  • 62-107 better as well. shuffle the timing around on Bs slap so there's more of a hold on the anticipation, then follow through, slight hold and the follow through, then the could have a longer hold on the extension of the kick as well, and bring it back in a more controlled way...for 'game style' animation, think of one hand beating on a drum and make the beats different enough to be interesting..instead of drum, drum drum, drum..think drum-Da-DRUM-dada-Drum (if that makes any sense whatsoever..sorta a post topic in itself)
  • while the landing feels better..the run up still feels a little posed out. i think at 116 As right foot shouldn't come's the foot he's planting on and passing the weight over. up through 126 that little section is a rework. keep it more like high jumper...getting force forwards and getting a good position to leap from.
  • i like the next section overall..he slows down a bit on the flying kick (roundhouse?). watch the pop at 137-too big a pose difference. don't have him land as's harder to establish the weight of landing
  • the final kick..this one is a bit more stylized - dial back the distance of the characters on f160, have
    B curved in towards the other character and unfold the opposite way as he flies out of frame.
  • slow down A's recovery from the land by 50%
good work!

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