Sunday, November 16, 2008

kimberlee, w11

This shot has come a long way and is now in that elusive polish phase.

In general, it's really working - you've simplified the amount of key poses and now have a lot of fluidity that wasn't there before..the motion is pretty snappy, but I buy it, especially with the frenetic screaming. if anything, you could strike a couple of crazy head tilts with his mouth open to match that energy

as far as polish goes, there's a few areas other than knee pops/minor snaps.

Between f1-3, these are moving really fast. you may want to start with something closer to f4 so he can just hit the jump right away...these poses work for slower motion. the current result is that it's a little poppy.
As an example (quick mouse drawn pose) - looking guarded but starting to anticipate the next movement would help on the quick action

9-11 - delay one of the feet..have it land later

11-17..have him reach and start to pull earlier..the head is a little poppy in that it rotates back and forth quickly

28-35 timing is nice and crisp, but it still has that sliding from one pose to another feel. get a foot over a little earlier to settle into. watch the right knee pop.

f40 lag the pose of the left leg back a little to avoid twinned motion.

next part is nice.

65-73. arcs of the legs body don't fully match up with the torso motion. i think the legs would fall down a bit and fly out rather than just going straight back.

75 would be nice to have a torso arc away from the wall and straighten as it lands into it.

pull is pretty nice...i wish the monster would change his arc a bit though..he kinda lifts up and then back and that flexible neck seems like a nice animation opportunity.

94-103. watch the arc of the right's doing a lot of quick pose changing

117-119 --stretch the arms to be straighter, open the fingers, let the head fall a little and get more parallel with the floor to emphaisize the humor and tension of the pull.

great progress on this's really come a long way!!

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