Sunday, November 16, 2008

nick mills, w11

Great sketch. It's interesting that you drew her much larger than the Dad in the of those inspirational notes to inform the scene, since she really commands the scene.

You've made some great strides this week. I still feel the restraint you've shown in animating her can be pulled into the Dad. Right now he's more Wallace and Gromit than Surf's Up. She gets pretty broad at times, but you've dialed her down and focussed on her internal thoughts, which works well.

The animation is nice, but there are some stylistic issues that if addressed could enhance the performance.

F50-90 I think the overall poses are good, but there's a little too many of them in the middle..mainly
the rhythm of this is ...well I'll tell ya ONE thing PEter...etc.

I think you could slow down the body pulling over and lead with the head a bit more, taking a little more time to catch up. He does a double bob in making the point but it seems he builds up to the agitation in the conversation. I'd ditch the hand gesture '1'...the hand is out for emphaisis and doesn't need to literally form the symbol for one, especially since you go into it and out really quickly.

In his initial turn, there's a lot of careful overlap and big movements with the hands..i'd dial that back a little because the broadness of the movement feels too emphatic and large for this part of the scene.

in 'peter never would have..." have him turn away a little as he says peter, and slow down his arrival (right now f165) so he's finishing the thought while still turning may make him seem more harsh and inconsiderate if he takes his time with the dismissal. the arc of the hand here.

309 have her well up with anger more...the squash before the stretch..before she leaps up a bit. you can coil up more tension in her face.

as she screams gay, don't necessarily have his hands tap in succession...have them go tense and claw up! maybe shake a little in fear.

391-400 while nice as motion, makes his careless remark less convincing because he seems super controlled through this action.

416..i don't think you need so much overshoot here. you can overshoot up and settle down..shooting out and then back quickly makes it a little rubbery.

when he says 'what'..give him a clear expression. it can be defeated, confused, blank - anything really clear will help finish this scene in a stronger way.

keep going! looking really good.

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