Monday, November 10, 2008

the OC...

...obstacle course, that is.

Looks great for a first pass...the animation flows well, the timing is overall good - it will have to be refined a bit, but for a first stab, elements are in the right place..

Using a game style camera is tricky..I'll get into detail later on how to improve it, but overall, you want to have a little lag in the camera..when it's practically parented to the character, you lose opportunities for weight.

Right now, the biggest issue is the symmetrical posing, Feet plant at the same time, arms land and take off at the same time...really getting a bit of twist to your character will help, so you aren't always viewing him as a flat plane. I did some quick sketches to show some ideas.

But really, this is a great opportunity to look at some Parkour footage (you know, that sport where French kids jump off of buildings)

This clip is very fast, but if you can get a flv converter or some screencapture software (or some better clips) you can study it more detail.

As far as staging goes, when he jumps onto the pole, it seems like a great opportunity to have him lose balance a bit before jumping forwards.

from the comments (always love comments)

Learn Parkour

The parkour stuff I see on youtube is always really of those things where for although it happens that way in reality, slowing down some moments helps a lot.


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great link!

regis le roy said...

there was a better one, but the site was down.
on the bottom left.

these are multi-angled (from the same jump)