Wednesday, November 19, 2008

sindhu-quick crit

This is coming along, but I encourage you to be disciplined with you blocking...right now it's in a halfway state of rough blocking and starting to be splined out. The problem as that the two styles of working are fighting with each other. There's some smooth moving holds, but at the same time, the feet are popping into position still in stepped mode.

At this point, I'd suggest really nailing down your key poses and breakdowns by eliminating those sections that are throwing you off. Sometimes the 'wrong' detail can mess up perfectly good poses and timing. At this point, I would keep some moving holds going and avoid the single frame pops, like when he checks his watch. Go back and clarify both the timing and posing of what you have, rekeying your main poses, main breakdowns, and deleted extraneous information. It will make it easier to retime.

Also, commit to a finish on this...don't just go straight ahead until you're done...

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