Friday, November 14, 2008

week 11, Steve Ly

le parkour.
some things are better, some things are the same. Overall it's a lot more fluid.
I like that he's entering running - his poses are a little awkward in the entry...slow it down a little bit so the viewer has time to catch up with the start of the scene. avoid the straight poppy leg syndrome in f2

the jump is pretty good, but carry the momentum of the feet forwards a bit more as he jumps instead of pausing under his body..they'll get ahead of him faster so you can avoid the clipping issue.

f34..have his upper torso/head lean down into the will feel more controlled, and have him start leaning and turning into the wall for the wall jump

wall jump. i like the overall timing..i think his rt foot hits early and stays stuck a little too long..
you could even have his rt hand touch the wall and help bounce off. keep the body rotated a bit on the jump back towards the wall as will make the pose less static

f69 maybe have him be a bit higher in the y so he has more time to land. experiment with his right foot landing a bit wider or more in front of him, to soften the step he then takes.

i like the stepping and readjusting here.

for the jump here...i would at least offset the legs so he isn't jumping like a 2d sprite will give you more opportunities for weight and better sillhouettes.
f124 has all sorts of twinning going on.

143 area...i've already mentioned having him teeter. because a pole is not a stable surface, if you want him just bouncing off of it, i'd change this part to landing on one foot and jumping in one continuous motion. i don't buy that he's stable here. he'd at least be shifting/rebalancing on the balls of his feet and working to stay balanced.

151 jump pose = very twinned. you could reach with one arm and follow with the other, like when Indy has one of his classic near misses.

very symmetrical pose

i like the climb up through 196, but lose it a bit from 202-218...i think he needs to push up and land more forwards as gravity assists him into the land.
use some reference for this!!

The end needs more feels like blending into 2 poses right now and it's the one opportunity to give this guy some he smug, tired..hit him with a feeling.

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