Thursday, December 4, 2008

next term..

I decided to mix it up a bit and teach a different class next term. Looks like I'm teaching character animation 2.

The syllabus is currently:

  1. Change of Emotion (3 weeks) – using a character such as Generi or Hogan, the student will animate the character going through a clear change from one emotional state to another.
  2. Waiting (1 week) – Character is waiting for something – emphasis will be on attitude (bored, impatient, etc.) and personality quirks that keep the character “alive.”
  3. Walking the Dog (2 weeks) – using a character and a provided dog model, the student will animate a cycle of the character walking his/her dog. Emphasis is on quadruped animation as well as personality. For example, the dog and owner may share similar traits.
  4. Eating in a Restaurant (3 weeks) – student may model simple props. Emphasis is on personality (dainty eater, sloppy guy, etc.)
  5. Two Characters with Dialogue –(5 weeks) – Project will be 15-30 seconds in duration and will require at least two camera cuts. Emphasis will be on successfully animating to dialogue and believably showing two characters interacting with each other.

If anyone has taken this class before, let me know how effective the syllabus was (already I'm going to have to veto Generi) So far I've been finding the Academy syllabi to be a bit overly ambitious (already I'm vetoing any 30 second dialogue pieces)


Steve Masuda said...

Hey Jeff, do you know if this is a Graduate class? If not, I'd like to take the class.

jeff said...

Hey Steve..I don't believe it is a grad class