Tuesday, February 10, 2009

leigh - quad work

Leigh asked for advice on her quadcycle..I ended up noodling around more than I thought...trying to see how effective this screencapture software is..let me know either way if it's useful for me to do this...no guarantees of how often I can, but I'll try to do more online demos if it's of help..sometimes it's easier to show rather than tell.

i didn't get too far into it, but wanted to address a few things

  • forward/back movement of the feet...a little clompy...the stick a bit on the floor..z translation feels a bit off
  • push off of the feet, hang time after the pushoff should be addressed
  • back feet being really wide...unless you're super cartoony, it's not a natural pose
  • spine is too active a curve
  • a little too wobbly on the ups and downs of the spine
  • start addressing the rhythm of the feet to body and you'll be on your way