Friday, February 6, 2009

Recap...horses and tigers and quadrapeds, oy!

I was unsure of whether the stares last night were rapt attention, or vaguely blank...hard to tell from the other side.

I just wanted to recap and reiterate a few points from last night.

  • I'm opening up the cycle section of the class to quadrapeds, but attempt it if you really feel you rocked the pendulum and the ball bounce. Otherwise stick with a biped cycle, preferably the 'basic guy' rig I provided. It was pointed out by my coworkers this morning that jumping from a ball bounce to a quadraped is a bit lamebrained of me, but I see a lot of ambition in this group and want to give you the opportunity to make your work interesting. If you aren't sure, email me and I'll give you my honest opinion.
  • Personal work. I know a lot of you want to keep going with work from other classes this term. I'm more than happy to critique it before or after class and the last month I may open up to working on some of this earlier work, but for the bulk of the term, I want everyone doing the same exercises. Don't forget that the goal of being in school is to develop the skillset of animating well. Clearly getting a reel together is important, but I think it's more important to nail down a really solid workflow and dialogue with your peers, so that when your out of school, you have the skills to push your work further.
  • Get your homework to the network folder by the start of class. For those of you that filter in late or put your assignments in halfway through class, I tend to forget about them. If I have, remind me and I'll post an e-crit.
  • Bring your maya's sometimes faster to show you a fix or point out a trouble spot.
On to the reiteration.
For your cycles, here's a few quick pointers.
  • start with an idea and reference. be clear about what your animating
  • lay in your key poses and breakdowns.
  • establish stride length and relation of the pelvis and feet.
  • if you're using norman, get those pole vectors out of the hips and make them global...I have a version of him kicking around that I tweaked..I'll post that soon
  • once your poses are nailed down, establish the rhythm of the cycle
  • get the rotations of the spine down
  • work on the footsteps, hang time, etc.
  • evaluate
All for me or comment if anyone had questions/things you'd like me to clarify.

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