Monday, March 9, 2009

tj- new rig + animator control post

Click to get a great new rig (no facial yet) and see a well written post on rig controls. (I'll still quibble about rotate order, but apparently I'm the only one that is bothered by that particular issue)


Delanimo said...

Don't worry. You're not the only one that has an issue with rotation order. It's ZXY for me all the way. Not to say that it's the solution to all problems...but it's a start. lol.

jeff said...

yes...ZXY for a standard maya joint (unless the parent space is different)

I hate that putting the puppets arms down puts it in gimbel lock!

Delanimo said...

hahah! Yep, I know what you mean. Ah, the formidable challenges we animators have to face. There should be some sort of animation journal (if there isn't one already), that would have the sole purpose of allowing others to vent issues like these. Might be kind of funny.

TJ Phan said...

I totally see what you mean now Jeff. ZXY is definitely the way to go for the arms. Wish I saw this earlier.

Hey, I see you're enjoying the Presidio btw!