Friday, July 24, 2009

kyle balda tutorials

I highly recommend picking up this issue of cgWorld...the above link references the video tutorials of the great Kyle Balda walking you through a shot. The magazine includes the above rigs.

It's interesting...his approach is very intuitive and for those who dislike the 'stepped' aka 'drawing method' of laying in shots, it's a valid way to work. I'm never a stickler on having to work one way - I think different working methods work well for different people, and different animations sometimes require a different methodology, but download these zips for a different perspective on process. It's an interesting workflow in that you focus on hitting the scene beats quickly and getting to the heart of the rhythm of the scene, but you don't really arrive at your poses until later on, which is heresy to the way a lot of people work. I've met a lot of old school pixar animators that work this way as well as Sheridan grads.


Aleksandra said...

thanx for the tip!

Lucio said...

Does anybody know where i can get those characters? The magazine issue is finished and i cant find it any wear!!!