Sunday, November 22, 2009

art thief

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While the adage imitation is the sincerest form of flattery holds true, it hold true to a degree. Copying, is, well, cheating, in the world of animation. That goes for taking credit for other people's work as well. But Aysha Khan, you've made it to the wall of shame!

Sometimes animation is collaborative...shots are shared. Rigs are borrowed, etc. But give credit to who deserves it, and never plagurize. It's a very small industry and theft of ideas, or anything else, for that matter, will bite you in the tush. Guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

I posted this there too.

I think it's crazy of the animator or you to mind. Posting something on YouTube is like taping something on your locker to kids today (or do they have lockers anymore?) Anyway, so what? If it was on a professional reel seeking work, or entered into a film festival, that would be one thing. Anyway, here's what I wrote there:

Well... I don't see any contact info anywhere on it or the user's youtube info page, and it's hardly of professional quality even apart from the copying.

Someone (likely a kid) is trying to learn animation and/or software by taking a simple-looking clip and trying to replicate it themselves. I guess posting it online is crossing some line, but on the other hand, so what? There are plenty of videos of teens lipsynching pop tunes on there too; while it violates copyright it's hardly as though they are trying to "steal" from Lady Gaga or whomever. Take the mild compliment and move on, sheesh.

jeff said...

you make some valid points, Anonymous. To rebutt...

-rotoscoping someone else's work and putting it on your reel is pretty much theft. Doing it for yourself as a learning exercise isn't. Also, no credit to the original animator was given.

-it's an easy way to damage your reputation. I've interviewed a lot of animators who had good reels, until someone in the room mentioned it was their animation on the reel.

Is this a huge deal? Not you say, it's not like the person has a good enough eye to replicate the animation with the same skill level as it was created with. Maybe it's more in the realm of cheating rather than 'stealing', but even as a learning exercise, it's a bad move.

Bruno Andrade said...

being a kid or not, what he did cannot be tolerated, I hope the ''kid'' learned a lesson.