Tuesday, November 3, 2009

choosing dialogue

Since this week is the first week of dialogue driven animation, aka lip synch, aka acting, I thought I'd mention a few things to consider in choosing a line of dialogue

10-12 seconds. This is a good length for the remainder of term. Too long, and it may be difficult to complete with any sense of polish. Too short and it limits your options.

Pacing. Choose something with a variable rhythm to it. I like to think of jazz drumming in considering variable patterns. Too often a line is chosen because of the entertainment value it has without factoring in how you might animate it.

Avoid the Gag. Be wary of going for humor through a single gag, where you arrive at a snappy punchline. If done right, it can work, but if the reliance is on the gag and not leading a situation up to a dramatic conclusion, humorous or otherwise, it can feel cheap.

Don't use something everyone knows. It's a challenge, but if you grab an Adam Sandler clip off of moviewavs.com, chances are people know it and will think of the source before they think of your animation.

more to follow..

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