Saturday, February 20, 2010

Carolina crit w3

Looks pretty good - the one thing that's most noticable is the weight transfer onto the stiff leg. The stiff leg is too far back in general and probably takes too big of an arc from front to back. The sense of drag is good but a little uneven..something endemic to in place cycles. In doing cycles where one leg is stiff, you generall push onto it, rising a bit to get the momentum to fall onto the other foot, which would fall hard. You've animated the dominant foot in a little more of a cartoony manner with extra overlap on the way down, but that works for this model/style of animation.

The arms could use some refinement in the spacing, but in the degree of drag in the poses and in the amount of noise in the settles.

I didn't touch upon the spine, but it does need a bit more compression (which would be stiff)

Hopefully this screencapture will makes sense..

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