Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lana - week 3

This looks pretty good - it's very readable right from the start as being a kind of cross between a regular walk with a bit of a runway walk thrown in. I put up a quick sketchover and will follow up with a more detailed crit.

Right off the bat, the hip forward/back rotation is the opposite of what it should be.
Timing of the feet is good, but spacing could use some decelleration after the kickoff...right now it's happening right before which would cause a stutter if put in motion.
the hand gesture is fun, but a jitters a bit - i'd keep it more fluid and get more accelleration in the spacing of the hand back to front a bit to get some snappy motion to it...too much noise after it falls forwards...tone back some of the breakdowns. Lead with the elbow a bit more in that gesture to get more naturalism/fluidity to the motion.
Add more frames of the right hand matching the body it's resting on so it won't look off - even a few frames right off the bat will get it pretty close.

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