Monday, April 5, 2010

acting/shot pacing comparison

The things you can find on youtube...

I found the unaired us pilot of the IT Crowd (with Joe McHale, whom I usually find really funny) - I'm not sure, exactly it doesn't work...I'd be curious as to thoughts...the creator summed it up really well (love the useless stuff you can find on the interwebs) with a lot of discussion about how to remake something as well as the surreal tradition of British sketch comedy. To me, there's just something less funny about the pacing of the US version. I'm hardly qualified to give a detailed analysis of British v. US humor, but even looking at these as acting choices and watching the phrasing and pacing of them, it's pretty interesting, especially with the myriad ways one can act out a performance.





Andy said...

Good call. I love the IT Crowd, but trying to port it to a US sitcom was a horrible idea. And I can't stand Joel McHale, so I'm really glad that fell through.

Anonymous said...

It's like they didn't challenge the timing at all in the US version. It's just not funny at all in comparison.

jeff said...

I think the timing is worse in general ...even the shot layout seems a little worse. The awkward pauses seem really important in the British version.