Monday, May 10, 2010

spline doctors animation contest

This month I thought it would be cool to run another contest. The walk is a difficult thing to animate well in animation. Getting the right attitude, making the character feel like they belong in the world you set them in. Weight, physicality and so on… They are all elements of a good walk. First prize is a signed poster of all the animators on Toy Story 3. Second prize is a set of steak knives, third prize is your fired (I had to make the Glen Gary reference.) Second and third prize are to be determined. There is also a possibility of the 3 walks being used for an article in a popular 3d magazine. Here are the ground rules:
Animate a one of the following walks: (in 2d or 3d)
A character with a physical limitation (ie a man with a ball and chain, or limp, etc… use of props ok)

A period character from the Victorian era (do your homework. Many to choose from)

An 8 year old kid on his way to or from school (think about subtext)

A confident character from the early 1970’s

Ok, there are the choices. Obviously you will need to show the cycle. Please include a rough and final pass. Its best if the character is in an environment. Obviously, no stock rigs.  You will be judged on originality, execution,  and entertainment value. Good Luck!  Contest end May 14th. Email walks to


Evan said...

Ack XD
Why do they do this around finals time?

jeff said...

to mess with your head.

Brandon said...

You're supposed to cackle maniacally after you say that Jeff.