Friday, July 30, 2010

new norman variant - "Nohan"

I really like TJ Phan's 'Rohan' rig and had meant to help him out with the facial some time ago, but as my time is limited, I came up with a cheap solution - reshape the face and rig him to Norman. I'm generally a big complainer when it comes to Norman, I think because the forearms and general proportions could be more appealing. But once you pimp him out, he turns out to be a pretty great rig (I'm pretty fussy when it comes to rigs) 

For those that don't know TJ, he's a great concept artist as well as animator, and I really like the proportions of the Rohan rig.

Here's what I did for the beta.
  • Reshaped Norman's face to Rohan's proportions. Still need to work on the mouth and make sure lip changes propogate well with the facial deformations.
  • First pass skinning
  • redid the stock norman pole vectors with zooCST space switching and moved them away from the body a bit (dislike that in local mode they are parented to the hips, causing knee jitter during cycles)
  • added space switching to the cap
  • zeroed out the base rotations of the ik hands (now 0, not -90)

Let me know how he works - bug testers welcome! -...TJ was generous to build and create this great character for the animation community at large - this is just my lazy way of getting a bit of facial on him (TJs rig is a FANTASTIC animation rig, btw...elegant in its simplicity)


TJ Phan said...

Sweet! Thanks for hooking this up Jeff (and covering for my lazy arse...don't think I was going to get back to Rohan until who knows when).

I'd also have to thank you for showing me the ropes and getting me into rigging when I first started.

And finally, I owe you one for introducing me to the fantastic world of Melscripts (using them that is)!

Ajit Singh Yadav said...

Some issue with Download link, file giving error.... :(

jeff said...

try now

Ajit Singh Yadav said... its working fine :)