Thursday, July 29, 2010

norman modding tutorial..ref from david martinez

For those of you that are animating with Norman rig, here are a few modding tutorials for it.
How to modify Norman
Modding Norman – Part 1

Modding Norman – Part 2

Modding Norman – Part 3
and HERE is a MEL Script for quick skin wrapping:

Pretty'd think I'd have known about this before my first reskin attempt.

I should put an addendum to this, since you can get a faster rig without using wrap deformers..(my trick is to duplicate the geo (arms, torso, etc), move the dup off to the side, use skinAs.mel to dump the weighting onto the copy, unskin the object, tweak it, then skinAs again to reskin it, then delete the duplicate and easy)

I did some fixes to Norman which I'll post soon (fixed the pole vectors so they aren't parented to the hips, zeroed out wrist ik..stuff like that)

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ANTAR said...

I always wanted a breakdown of how to mod norman. Now I have writing.