Thursday, July 29, 2010

Norman Mod...Valve tribute fixed
I was tired of seeing the stock Norman proportions, and, Norman being a really flexible rig to tweak, thought I'd put up a quick Norman mod...(very beta right now and needs a bit of reshaping). Enjoy


TJ Phan said...

Haha--nice! I'm inspired to make some Street Fighter mods now.

Harm said...

Thank you for Scout Norman. Love the Mod, and would love to animate it, but the rig has some issues.

-The left ankle slips out when you move it
-The Head flips out if you lower the root and rotate the character to the right.
-The jaw moves in and out when you rotate the character forward or backward

I did a few things shading wise to make the character look a little more scout -

Hope you are able to update the mod.

jeff said...

thanks for testing it...will fix it soon

jeff said...

ok...I reverted to an earlier version..I'm working on one with a much better face and proportions....this is the sloppiest of the rigs I've tweaked recently, so apologies.