Monday, August 2, 2010

Norman with minor tweaks

download Norman here

After a few years of critiquing Norman animations, I suddenly feel compelled to pitch in and help facilitate in making Norman easier to animate with and mod, hence, Norman_ACTOR. I always get a lot of questions on how to tweak out Norman, and really, I've never felt compelled to do much until recently. I'm going to continue to mod a few Normans and start to generate a small library that hopefully people will find useful.

The reason is that at the AAU there are many Normans floating around and students who don't have the tech know how to fix them. Also, for beginning animators, the pole vectors are not very intuitive.

I didn't do all that much...just set him up for editing and fixed the stuff that wasn't to my taste.

  • created blend shape source mesh with all the blends set to on...just edit the topology on the orange guy and you're good to go.
  • added space switching to pole vectors
  • added a color channel to the main node.
To come...prop joints with space switching to allow easy object interaction.


Skellybobbly said...

great work, thanks for sharing this.
I'll be giving it a try soon.



Ruud said...

I'm fairly new to modding Norman, so this is great! Thanks! One thing I noticed, when I select the masterCtrl_Norman and change the RGB values of the curveShape22 the color is nicely applied to the Norman geometry, except for the neck. That stays gray. Just thought I'd let you know. :)