Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm putting out these rigs fairly quickly, so they aren't up to my usual fussy standard when it comes to rigging. Really, the goal has been to bang out some versions of Norman with the focus on cleaning up the rig to a small degree, and pay attention to proportion changes.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the proportion of a character has a huge effect on motion style, and how a lot of free rigs lend themselves to stylized animation based on how they seem to want to be animated.

This Norman was revised based somewhat on more realistic human proportions, but diverged a bit into something a little more athletic and possibly heroic. It was actually a great learning exercise for me, since I was forced to really study proportion, analyse why his were off, and got about changing what was needed. Right off the bat, I scaled down 2 of the torso cons so his legs would be more in proportion to the body. Next, the head was shifted down to around 85%, making it more of an 7.5/8' head high character. I replaced the pelvis and leg joints, as it was the easiest way to get wider legs that fit into the pelvic area without making it seem like Norman was wearing a giant diaper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff! I don't think you are aware of this but Shiva also posted out this one.

Though yours could have been lighter file to animate?

jeff said...

great link...this one has no minimal skinning so it should be quick