Tuesday, February 15, 2011

invisible ink

great post @ synchrolux
some great way of approaching the methodology behind what we do..

...when you say the word conflict, people often think you mean arguing. So students starting a dialog shot pick dialog of actors angrily yelling at each other. Or they’re confused when I ask them what internal conflict their character is experiencing at any given moment. The key point is that conflict doesn’t need to be obvious, overt, or loud to be powerful. It doesn’t even need to be between two people. And it can operate on multiple levels, so that two characters can be in conflict with each other, and each of those characters can be experiencing internal conflict.
Effective conflict does require is that your characters be real, and that they have distinct needs and goals. Needs and goals are not the same thing.  Goals tend to be overt, while needs tend to be covert.  Put another way, goals usually relate to plot, while needs relate to subplot.

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