Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6 traits

I stumbled upon this the other day and thought it relevant to a career in animation, or probably any commercial art field.

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Mahesh said...

Hey Hi , My name is Mahesh ,
its really amazing article tells so much that what one must do be a successful professional artist.Thanks for sharing the article.
Being a Character animation student myself .. I'm learning so much
from your articles and this Career in animation series you have started

For beginners its really hard initially how to approach for career in
animation so many questions and doubts and it really get immensely
hard specially place like here in India where so much lack of quality
guidance and 100's of bad places giving made up diplomas and degrees ..

I mean look at this news about institutes disapearing

I also have this series I want to share with you
for "career in animation" , I would really love if you take some time
to go through it ..

I created this few months ago so that students like me
will get some practical tools and which will help to make a
good decision for their Career in Animation ..

Here is the first article
Introduction to Career in Animation Training Series

and here is the entire index of Career in Animation Series

Thank you so much for your time and Thanks again for your really
cool articles .. :)

Mahesh Pagar |